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Chicago’s Music Discovery #1

As an avid fan of music, I can attest: there’s no better feeling than stumbling upon new, under-the-radar music you can share with your friends and family.

I reached out to some of Chicago’s most active concert-goers to unearth the diamonds in the rough they are most excited about. Here’s a list of their favorite underground acts and some of their best music to get you on the bandwagon, while it’s still cool:

Sophie Rose

“I enjoy her sound, it’s very synth pop. Her music will really get stuck in your head while also being very relatable. Having boy troubles? She’s got you covered.”

Submitted byNicolette
Two songs to get you started: Two Young Lovers & Hurt By You

Christopher The Conquered

“Christopher is both a throwback and an avant-garde musician. His ability to make you love a song even though it seems like it shouldn’t work always makes me smile.”

Submitted by Josh
Two songs to get you started: I’m Giving Up on Rock & Roll & What’s the Name of This Town?

Rainbow James

“Rainbow James has a sound that is cross generational. They call on familiar styles while creating their own unique sound allowing them to truly stand out in the current scene.”

Submitted by Dakota
Two songs to get you started: Pretty & Eighty Four


“Slooze is someone who I genuinely feel should be on anyone’s radar who enjoys cutting edge intensity & meticulously engineered perfection out of their electronic music.”

Submitted by Neil
Two songs to get you started: Aftermath & Desolation

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Wait For The Day

“I’ve followed this band since they started playing shows, they’re some of the hardest working dudes I know and deserve to be heard.”

Submitted by Jeremy
Two songs to get you started: Broken Mirror & Stop Waiting


“I love this band’s, ‘chill beats,’ kind of vibe. They create amazingly wholesome indie pop, and connect personally with their fans and followers.”

Submitted by Abbey
Two songs to get you started: Pastel Pink & Pamplemousse


“The lyrics are simple, which allows me to know their songs and then jam out. Their music has a ‘1975’ sound to them and is perfect music to have a drive, clean or dance to.”

Submitted by Stephanie
Two songs to get you started: drive all night & tokyo


“Skela is a true do-it-yourself artist. She put out an entire album with music videos for each song called ‘Project 10’ with just the help of 2 friends, and created all the merch for her shows by thrifting and crafting herself.”

Submitted by Kelly
Two songs to get you started: Linda + Heartbreak & Liquor

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